Saturday, December 31, 2011

Farewell 2011

It is time to reflect upon the year that today comes to an end. 2011 started off with a prospect of adventure and excitement like no other ever had. It taught me many lessons in a short amount of time. It was moving at hyper speed through good times. It seemed like it would continue on to be a fantastic year. Unfortunately, it did not come through with what it promised and became very dull after a while.
But it did not give up so easily. It made an attempt to make a come back and somehow managed to provide me with splashes of greatness every now and then, which were well appreciated, but not enough.
As it came to an end, it decided to surprise me one more time. I am still trying to decide whether I should open the box where its last gift awaits me.
It was not all sugar and spice, however. The last 365 days also had their fair share of frustration and aggravation -some more than others. But it does not do to dwell on the past, specially not on the negatives. There was something of out most importance where this year did not fail: it reinforced last year's lesson. I can really obtain whatever I want provided I do truly want it. Regrettably, it failed to teach me how to decide what I really truly want or rather how to distinguish such desires from the temporary infatuations that fog my vision.
The most important lesson I learned in 2011 was that I cannot stop because when I stop trying that is when the opportunities show up. It is acceptable to take a break, but I must remain alert even then.

Inspiration will find you, but it must find you working.
-Pablo Picasso

Here is to a fabulous 2012!


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