Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Inner Torment

Everybody talks about how artists carry an inner torment, but nobody really knows what that is about. Artists are tormented because they live in fear. Yes, in fear that the wonders they dream of will ever be real and that they themselves may not be real either. It is like they hallucinate themselves into existence via their art, whatever its form.
Artists are tormented because they live with the frustration of not knowing how to transform their dream into reality. Every time they try to do so and something wonderful is created, they are not convinced by it.
Artists live a life of frustration of always waiting more and not being able to achieve it. They live in fear of themselves, their greatness, the possibilities. It is only when they break through and let go that they can be free from that torment. It is then that artists stop being tormented and become inspired. They break through for a moment, for hours, even days or months at a time and so they create. But they can never truly be free because it is only through their tormented days that they know who they are. Artists are formed between freedom and torment, between what they want and what they need. It is a self-imposed double life. They could never choose. They would be only reflections of themselves if they took a side.
The frustration can be unbearable. Artists need motivation. They need inspiration. They need a foundation where to stand, pillars where to rest, a vision to look ahead.
Art is a powerful weapon because only the artists knows what it is meant to be.


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