Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Travel Dilemma

I miss the thrill of exploring a new city. The sometimes nerve wrecking night walks. The beauty of discovering new cools spots. The new air.
The above notwithstanding, I have an unprecedented dilemma. I am dying to go to Mexico for the holidays and I have been presented with the opportunity to do so. Yet, I am doubting whether I should go. The limbo I am in is self-imposed and it is killing me. How that is possible escapes me. What I do know is that I need to make a decision.
The idea of going to Mexico without visiting my hometown is thrilling and nerve wrecking.
Spending time with V and A would be great! I can only imagine the things we could do, the places we could visit... It would be a wonderful adventure! There is only one minor problem, I can't get over how strange it would be to go to the motherland without visiting my hometown. At the same time, it would make an statement. It is a double bladed sword from anywhere I see it.


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