Wednesday, September 7, 2011

People change

This is how far I've come...
I have recently been made aware that I have a reputation at work for my style. Of course, I like the attention, who doesn't? But when I think about my days as a tomboy, I cannot help but laugh at what this reputation means. With that said, this reputation would be impossible without NV.
The above realization sent me on a thinking craze about how we change through time. It seems that we mostly unconsciously choose to enhance certain features of our character while we forgo others. Without realizing it we become an upgraded version of ourselves. In reality, however, we very consciously make those changes. The trick is in understanding why we are making those changes while we are at them as opposed to looking back after they are made are reminiscing about the why.
Regardless, I am glad of the changes made because evolution is, indeed, necessary for survival. One cannot stay at the top without becoming a better version of the self. #survivalofthefittest


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