Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Elaborate notes

Sometimes when I look at my notes, I am unable to figure out what they were meant to be. I inevitable wonder if they were meant to be the beginning of the novel that would open the door to the world of literary recognition. Every time that occurs I have to tell myself it is too late to wonder. If I cannot piece together what I wrote, then I have to admit that the idea is lost.
It is every time I lose an idea that was perhaps meant to be grand that I remind myself that one sentence/one word notes on an idea must stop. I need fully developed thoughts and ideas so I can actually transform one of those ideas out into something palpable when I see it in my notebook and I am ready to work on it (read have some free time to do so). I cannot stand the fact that when I wrote a sentence down or even a single word sometimes, I had a great idea in mind that was lost the moment I stopped writing that sentence or that word. It kills me to know what it could have been and never will...


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  1. I know what you mean. I have a pad next to my bed to write down ideas (and with me at all times)... but not at all times is my handwriting particularly legible and some ideas are lost.


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