Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wrong focus

Last weekend:
  • In Torreón, Cohauila outside a stadium full of people watching a soccer match there was a military check point. A truck drove by, but refused to stop so the soldiers opened fire. The truck got away and nobody was hurt. Of course, the shooting was heard on live television so the news went viral the moment the gun shots were heard.
  • During a 49ers game in San Francisco, California a group of fans began to fight on the bleachers. The fight continued and people were shot in the bathroom and then others right outside of the stadium landing at least one person at the hospital.
Would you care to wildly guess which one of these two incidents received more press coverage north of the México-US border? YES! You guessed correctly, the incident in Torreón where nobody was hurt! No, I am not downplaying the problem my motherland is experiencing. I am fully aware of the problem. I know there is more to it than what the press sheds light on because it is rather political. Yet, the press coverage the problem receives outside Mexico's borders is making it worse. Said attention given to the problem helps escalate it because the focus remains on all the terrible events instead of focusing on ways to fix the problem.
On that note, allow me to say the following: The people in the country are afraid to go about their lives as normal as possible because their views on everyday life have been contaminated by the press, which in turn makes for a very noninviting environment even for the Mexican citizens living outside of Mexico. It perpetuates the idea of a dangerous environment so people, both Mexican citizens and tourists, don't want to visit Mexico afraid that one of the stories on the newspapers might happen to them. Ironically, tourism in Mexico has not declined, but grown steadily. So why does the international press keep focusing on the wrong side of the coin?! The problem, I am afraid, is not necessarily the druglords' fault, but the government's. May I remind everyone that though the PRI stole millions during its 70 year "reign", it ruled over a rather peaceful country....



  1. mexico is fucked and you know it. The problem is worse than it seems. When was the last time you were there? You aren't even a Mexican national by law anymore. Why not denounce American citizenship if you care about it that much? Isolated cases of violence in the US are common place...the disease the plagues Mexico is far more dangerous than some drunk NFL fans.

  2. I have never denied the situation is bad and I was there last year. I have double nationality, but it wasn’t by choice. It made my life easier in the US, so I kept it. It is called convenience or why are you trying to gain American citizenship? I suggest you inform yourself a bit more about the situation in your home country before you start defending the twisted attention the situation receives from the press.


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