Monday, August 8, 2011

It felt like Mexico

It is definitely not a secret that I am very proud of where I come from, so...
On Saturday, I finally went on a long waited for seafood outing! My friend picked me up on his Cheyenne and we rode to the restaurant listening to corridos. It already felt like good times were ahead. We couldn't have been acting more paisas.
In all honesty, I did not know where we were going. My friend had been telling me about this place for a while and had sent me pictures of the seafood there served to torture me on my vegetarian days. I was only too eager to make an appearance and enjoy some Mexican style seafood.
So the restaurant has about 16 tables, at least 12 of which are outside. There is a roof covering them, but when it rains, it is definitely over. The restaurant is the "bring your own drinks" type, so naturally we made a stop to pick up some Pacificos. The weather was just perfect to have a beer while we waited for other friends to arrive. Oh, if anyone had told me 2 years ago that I would be drinking beer even if I only drink Pacifico, I would have signed them up for the looney bin.
When we finally ordered I went for the classics because I had to judge the restaurant, so to speak. I wanted to make sure it was a place I would want to return to though I must admit I already liked the atmosphere.
I had oysters on their shell, camarones a la diabla, and tasted a shrimp cocktail. The food was definitely worth the hype!
Then, the banda started playing. Yes, there was a banda de viento playing! I should have known better than to doubt what my friends had told me about the restaurant because it kept getting better and better! It felt like I was at my favorite seafood spot in Mexico.
We left some hours later with the intention of getting ready to go out dancing, but decided against it while on our way and simply continued the party at a friend's house. We had some micheladas once there as for some reason we were all craving them. We still wanted to dance, so we danced for about 5 hours!
It was a trully epic seafood outing that ended with an awesome dance party! I had Mexican style seafood, pacificos, the live banda, and hours of dancing, what else could I have asked for?


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