Thursday, July 7, 2011

On Nostalgia Attacks

Remember this, this, this, this and this? Yes, the nostalgia attacks are back.
My mother informed me that the party for my grandparents' (her parents) 50th wedding anniversary will be held in our hometown in December. I know you are thinking that is great because I can finally give in to my nostalgia, but is not quite that simple.
I am not looking for excuses not to go. There are just too many things to be considered before making plans. I definitely want to go, but only time will tell. Despite my nostalgia, my mind does not remain set on going. One day I really want to go, another day I am convinced I can wait a little longer before I walk the streets of the motherland again.
I always miss my hometown. Lately, however, I have been missing it more. I attribute this increase in longing for it to my hanging out with a friend who spent some years in his hometown when younger and, to a great extent, understands my perspective on life in Mexico. It doesn't help that I have been listening to Mexican music a lot and even went to some bailes either. To make matters worse, my mother fed me capulines -a fruit-, which I had not had since I left Mexico. I don't understand how this was even possible, but the capulines sent my taste buds through a trip down memory lane. There are so many things I cannot eat here, and which are only available during a certain time of the year in Mexico such as pitayas, chicuipos, and maracuyas (etc). Others are a matter of how they are prepared.
I will stop here though because I run the risk of rushing to the airport and boarding the first available flight that will lead me to my hometown right about now...
I might or might not go to the party. In other words, I might or might not go to the motherland at the end of the year. But one thing is certain: I need to plan a year of living there in the very near future. It is time for me to appreciate what I took for granted for so many years. The simple life rich in a way that money truly cannot buy.

xo, R

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