Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Copy or Creation

So I finally watched Exit Through The Gift Shop, and I am awe struck. For once, art is definitely NOT dead, it is all around us. But not everyone should try their hand at it. It is like Ayn Rand said about writing that could very well be applied to plastic art, "writing is a serious business and not for any stray bastard that wants to try it." Copying art does not make someone an artist. Anyone can copy art, but creating original work, a style, now that is what makes someone an artist. There are few of those. There are those who will claim to use someone else's original work as inspiration, which is perfectly acceptable up until the point their work resembles, sometimes blatantly, the inspirational pieces. Then, it becomes simply ridiculous and they need to be taught a lesson. Yes, I said it!
There is a thin line between copying and creating. It is a line where every artist unfortunately ends up walking at some point or another. The trick is to not fall on the wrong side while balancing on it.

Below a video of the introduction Banksy did for The Simpsons. I am not discrediting anyone, but Bansky is a foundation in a movement that has become bigger than life.


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  1. I'm literally going to go rent this movie now. I've been dying to see it and kept being asked if I had, sort of like Art School Confidential, which I've finally seen lol. Thanks for the reminder.

    Meag xx


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