Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vegetarian challenge update

I am halfway through my vegetarian challenge, and I am doing rather well.
It has become second nature. But... yes, there is a but. I still crave things as before. Hell, I crave them even when I am not a vegetarian.

Below the latest temptations:
  • My grandma made birria this past weekend, but I didn't cheat. I desperately wanted to though. I am halfway through so cheating would seem like I wasted the last two months. If I am doing this challenge, then I am going to do it right and stick it through.
  • I went out dancing Sunday night, and everyone wanted to eat tacos after. My friends are evil as you can tell. But the taqueria was closed. Karma is a bitch.
I will soon be able to give in to such temptations as the above and eat whatever I have been craving to my heart's content!


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