Wednesday, June 29, 2011

S3:E8 Fantasies et al

Recap: fantasies do not include repercussions
 Last night's show was simple enough. We fail to realize the possible bad consequences of our fantasies. By fantasies, I mean the perfect lives we imagine for ourselves. When we are planning, we only think of the good. We never think of the bad. We fail to realize that achieving a goal is not all fun and games.
As one of the viewers and friend summarized it perfectly, it is like a hangover: we don't think of the consequences until after the fact.
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  1. I think that not thinking or considering the bad consequences can be a way of keeping our motivation high to keep going after our dream. Problem that I sometimes have is that I can think about all the possible negative outcomes too much which will completely stop me from doing anything at all, which is not good. It's good to be realistic and understand that the journey is not going to be easy or perfect but it's important not to get so weighed down by thinking and over-thinking all the negative aspects so that we never even try. It's tough to do this, but definitely worth trying and keeping things in perspective as much as possible.


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