Wednesday, June 22, 2011

S3:E7 Perfection

Recap: Why seek perfection when it is only an idea?
Last night's show was about something so simple it becomes complicated: perfection. We touched basis on why we seek it along with how it is appreciated by a third party. While we were at it we spoke of perfection as self-torture because being an idea complicates what can be done with it. So we torture ourselves to achieve something that really cannot be reached as it is an idea only. Does this make sense? We discussed this extensively. The consensus seemed to be that perfection is indeed an idea and not real. Nonetheless, it can be used as a platform for ambition as it propels us to create and achieve.
Perfection is subjective. It is a personal matter. So personal in fact, that it is only in such way that it acquires its value. If others could judge and set an example, we would be copying someone else. The outside world then does not play a role on our idea of perfection, but only as an spectator. With this said, as a viewer pointed out, perfection changes with every moment that goes by. But such change should not prevent us from chasing it. It is a figment of our imagination and as such we should be able to adapt to its new form as quickly as it changes.
Tautologically, perfection implies perfection. The lengths to which we are willing to go to achieve perfection are not always on the "good" side of the spectrum of actions. That would mean we are flawed. In other words, defeat the very purpose of our actions because we try to reach perfection through flawed methods. The irony is magnificent!
We briefly touched upon the different kinds of perfection, namely that which is already perfect, that which can be perfect and that which would make us perfect.
We closed with a comment from a viewer and friend who said that people always think of the end result as perfection. The problem is how we judge what the end result should be.

I made the mistake of forgetting to click record until minutes before the show ended. So here is what was recorded. I will do my best so that this does not occur again.

Thanks for participating kids!

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