Wednesday, June 15, 2011

S3:E6 Traffic

Recap: It seems rather mundane, but it is more than that.
Last night's show started on a mundane note: the literal meaning of traffic. But we diffused the idea into other realms quickly. We talked about the traffic we encounter in life.
We discussed how we manage between the "freeway" and the "dirt road" in life when it comes to reaching our destinations otherwise known as goals. The freeway is a direct route while the dirt road is a detour based route. Both can help us reach our destination, the question is the time that would take in either one. With that said, we talked about the traffic we have to deal with in either one. While there are accidents, construction, etc in both, the dirt road has more space for avoiding such inconveniences. The freeway sort of traps you. But we all want to be on the freeway because it is a direct shot, however slow it might be. The dirt road is though more fun and entertaining, but we run the risk of losing sight of our destination and perhaps ending up on a different freeway going somewhere else.
Is the dirt road worth taking? Definitely.  Do we want to make it a option A? Definitely not. But we must be willing to take the risk. Sometimes reaching our destination can only ocurr on the dirt road as the freeway can be closed ahead and we might be unaware thus spending our lives waiting for traffic to move instead of moving along ourselves.
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