Wednesday, June 8, 2011

S3:E5 A Dare

Recap: Why are we more willing to do things when we are dared to?
Last night's response was interesting. We touched upon different reasons for the above as per some interviews I conducted prior to the show as research. We are more willing because a dare is a public challenge with an added incentive. It is used as a tool to keep a reputation and prove people wrong.
On that note, it provides an audience. It lets us know that there will be someone watching what we do. It will makes us seem less silly/stupid for doing those things.
The read problem seemed to be that a dare challenges our sense of self-worth. It doesn't not only threaten our public reputation, but it seems to do the same to our personal opinion of ourselves. The problem here is the biggest there is: how did it go so far?
Then, we tried to discuss the idea of the opposite. How would dares work if they were for something good? Is that even possible? How about us wanting to be dared to do something we want to do, but are unable to do it out of pure will and we need an extra push?
The cherry on top was the idea of self-dares. We approached the subject, but did not quite resolve it.
In conclusion, we decided that dares are a way to show up what we are capable of, but we still make the last choice.
Here is what you missed.

Thanks for participating kids! Remember the show is not possible without you!

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