Wednesday, May 25, 2011

S3:E3 Bottom

Recap: How do you get your own attention?
Last night's show was simple enough, yet it somehow turned into complicated. We began on a light note but going straight to the point: How do we know when we have hit rock bottom? At first, we seemed a bit confused as to what rock bottom meant but we began to slowly untangle its definition. We touched upon whether we, in fact, need to hit rock bottom before beginning to climb again and the consensus seemed to be affirmative. There was an unspoken agreement that without reaching rock bottom then we would never know we needed to move back up. One of the viewers expressed the need for rock bottom to be used as a baseline, which seems to be a good point. With that said, the discussion moved into deciding why we needed this baseline. Well, we need to know what is really bad and what we do not want. We moved into a dark place at this point where we discussed how do we know when it is time to begin moving up again, namely, when we have hit rock bottom. At this point we discussed whether we know at that point or whether we only know after the fact. Do we know because we realize we can't go further down than where we are or do know when we look back and realize how low we were and how far we have come? It seemed the difference in opinion was varied, which helped create a good discussion and let the topic flow. We were on the right path.
Another viewer brought up another good point, he said that instead of looking down and thinking we can't go further down, we should think that we are at a point where we can only go up. See the difference kids? Positive thinking.
It was time to talk about a very important detail. Well, if we know we are at the bottom, how do we get up and out?! Resources. One other viewer shared with us a personal experience of being at the bottom and how she found the strengthen to start climbing up. It was very interesting to see something from a personal perspective and to be able to analyze her situation via the show with everyone else. She shared how she realized she was at the bottom because she reached a point where she found herself alone figuratively speaking. She ran out of resources to help her and she came to the conclusion that she was the only one who could help herself.
We ended on a rather unexpected and strong note. The emphasis was on focusing on the light/a goal that is waiting outside of the hole rather than the climb and what is happening to us (i.e. our hands bleeding, our clothes ripping -provided we are literally climbing out of a whole) because that is the only way we can make it out. Sometimes is all about the destination not the journey.

It was a wonderful show! Thank you so much kids for participating and making the show what it is! If you missed it, you can watch here.

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