Wednesday, May 11, 2011

S3:E2 Treaten the Core

Recap: Imagine what we could create if we really tried and made things change. If only we dared.
Last night's show was dedicated to seeing beyond the norms. It was based on an observation I made while in Barcelona. Gaudi's work, as it is well know, is cornerless. It is not quite round (i.e. not circular), but it does not have any corners. Said fact served as a base for the show because Gaudi shook the core of architecture. He created buildings without corners, which was outrageous in his days. So my idea was to discuss what it would take to challenge a norm in the present with the same passion.
Challenge the norm and we shake the core strongly enough so that it breaks, then we can build it back up as we wish. That is how change happen.
The surface can be easily changed. But it is meaningless, worthless. In a nutshell, a waste of time and energy. The importance lies in the core, which takes a lot more time and effort.
We talked a bit about immigration, healthcare  and education. But what I really wanted to talk about was dreams and aspirations. Is there anything you want that is worth fighting for with the kind of passion that could kill you while trying?

The participation was high despite the problems with the slow broadcast. I will look into what happened, so the problems stop. If you missed last night's show, you can watch most of here as I forgot to press record until about 13 minutes in.

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