Wednesday, May 4, 2011

S3:E1 Flirting with Madness

Recap: What keeps us out of the loony bin?
Last night's show had a twist. The bullet hit where it was aimed. We started at a soft note touching upon the most well known misinterpreted facts of "craziness." We all talk to ourselves sometimes, but we consider it normal. So when does it become a crazy behavior if we all do it. We all scream. We all talk to strangers, we all say things we shouldn't, we all scratch mosquito bites... etc, etc. The facts are there, but I wanted to discuss when do certain behaviors get out of control and we become loony bin material. Where is the line that must not be crossed? Who painted it?
Participation was lovely. One of the viewers brought up the idea of relativity, which seems so very appropriate. Craziness is relative to people, time and place. It is judged from what is considered normal by society. If society dictates something is right to do at a certain time or place, then it is fine. Case closed. But if society considers something as unacceptable and someone engages on such behavior, then this person will be judged as crazy.
Someone else wanted to talk about definitions of crazy, which led us back to societal norms again. Crazy is again relative to whoever defines it. For example, if a crazy person defines crazy to be what a normal person would consider normal, would we change the definition? Why not?
A very important detail was pointed out: the ability to rationalize craziness. So if we say/recognize we are crazy, that makes us not crazy. Yet, the we are recognizing we are crazy. Circular argument.
The million dollar question: why don't we sign up ourselves for the loony bin? What is the opportunity cost? In the loony bin, we can do whatever we want because the worst that can happen is that we would be called crazy. But since we would be at the loony bin already, being called crazy would not matter. In this scenario, we would have to give up certain freedom to gain a different kind of freedom. Is the opportunity cost worth it?

So tell me: what is keeping you out? Maybe we are just flirting with madness.

Thank you kids for the great welcome! Season 3 has started out great! Continue to participate as you know that without you, there cannot be a show. If you missed episode one, you can listen to it here. Send your questions, comments, suggestions, complaints, etc. to

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  1. It is an interesting tought... There are a lot of theories about this, and I do partly believe in the one that says that people check out of reality to escape it. because reality is hard. but then again madness is too. I have no idea in the end... I could just go on and on and not come to a conclusion. :-)



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