Sunday, May 29, 2011

Future new toy

I am not an ordinary girl. Yes, I played with dolls when young, but my idea of toys began to evolved at an early age until it reached its current status. Toys is now a term used to refer to my blackberry, my ipod, my camera (which desperately needs to be replaced!), my laptop... even my car! My list is missing a few items such as a wii and a tv -otherwise the wii will be pretty useless-, a private jet (haha), etc. But for now, I will have to make do with what I have. Recently, however, a new item was added to the "to be acquired" list.
I want a bike.
After much bitching and complaining about the dangers they represent to my friends who have and/or have had them, I took a ride on one earlier today (pictured below) and oh, cielos! The adrenaline rush has added an amendment to my opinion without changing my views on how dangerous they are. I have been advised though that if I buy one it must be smaller than the below or I might end up stamped somewhere on the freeway! haha I have a driving instructor ready as well, so I am game! Time to start saving!


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