Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My vegetarian life

Where do I start? I have found the best salad bar ever! That should be enough. I wish I could eat lunch there every day, but I need to switch it up a bit. Regardless, I am sure I will miss Mr. Winston's when I move out of LA in the future.
My lunch today.

Backtrack. As you kids know, I am going to be vegetarian for some time. The first week was easy. My mother was cooking vegetarian friendly meals, which meant she was turning the whole family vegetarian. After one week, she said she was pretty happy we were doing this because it was like a natural detox, and that the next three weeks would fly by. I asked her why three weeks and she replied, aren't we vegetarian for a month? I said no, mom. It will last four months. Her eyes opened wide and she said: Hell no! I am not torturing everyone for four months. It is over. Now. And, my days of relatively easy vegetarianism were over just like that.
Oh, the real challenge began then.
It will take some time for me to actually cook my own meals because I need to work the time to do so into my schedule. So week two has gone something like this: I replaced meat with avocado. Cereal + milk = my favorite dinner. Salads are my best friends!
Today, when I arrived home, my dad said: let's go to dinner. After a small pause, however, he looked at me and said I could watch because I am vegetarian.

xo, R

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