Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Day Job

I am not longer funemployed. I have a day job. It doesn't have absolutely anything to do with my ideal job, however. But being a writer isn't cheap, so I need a job that will support this expensive habit of mine. My new day job is in a rather big company not just in size but in the importance it has in the industry it is part of. So it will be a great platform. Instead of writing you a story of how this came about, I will show you a time line to share the craziness!

March 11: Phone call from an agency I had emailed two weeks prior.
March 14: Meeting/Interview with the agency.
March 15: First day of work.
March 28: My boss tells me I have to train a replacement because...*
March 29: Start training my replacement.
March 30: *I start training for a new position.
April 1: My boss calls me to her office to tell me I am hired for the new position I just began training for two days before if I want it.

How crazy is it that I went from being a temp to having my own desk in 14 days?!

On a related note, as excited as I am about having a job, I am also very sad that I had to drop my class. There is a time conflict between work and class that is complicated by traffic. I spoke to the professor, however, and I will continue to do the work on my own. I am going to need to make some trips to the library to do the reading, but that is perfectly fine. I cannot allow myself to leave this project halfway done.


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  1. Felicidades por tu nuevo empleo!!!:)woohooo. At least one of us has a cool job.


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