Friday, April 1, 2011


She walked into the meeting wearing a tailored suit and her towering heels. After quickly glancing at her watch, she realized there wasn't much time left.
"Good morning ladies and gentlemen," she said.
There was a chatter of good mornings splashing into her ears.
"Today, we are going to talk about the recent expansions and how that has and will affect our market share and profits." She went on about the recent acquisitions of minor solar panel manufacturing companies that would allow her company to be a global leader by the end of the year.
Did the plane land on time?! Why hasn't anyone called?
"Any questions?" she offered.
"The fact that our biggest competitor will still have a significantly bigger market share was not addressed. How will these acquisitions benefit us relative to that?" she heard someone ask.
"We will be able to compete directly in their own space as some of new manufacturers are located on their side of the playing field. In due time, we will surpass SoEn," she responded as her mind wondered.
This cannot be happening. If I don't receive some sort of notification soon... perhaps the shipment failed to arrive. Millions lost! She thought as her lips twisted. 
"Excuse my insistence, but your expression is definitely not one that allows credibility. It seems this report is not only preliminary but purely speculative."
Until then, she had been unaware of her hand playing with her pen as if it were a seesaw.
"Not at all," she responded, "it is simple that there are other pressing personal issues. I apologize to have them be apparent at this meeting." If they only knew what my issues are. This company could fail if that plane didn't land on time. My colossal charity work would crumble in no time. I need to know where that plane is. Now! "If there isn't anything further, I would like to adjourn the meeting," she remarked.
"One more question," her heard someone else ask from the back of the room.
"Yes?" she offered graciously while she was consume by the possibilities.
"I am sorry. I meant a comment. It was great presentation."
There it was. That was what she had been waiting for. The plane had landed and the shipment had been delivered.
"Thank you," she replied as she smiled.


*In class exercise: Use direct method of characterization.
After we were given a character for a major project, we had to "get to know" the character. We started by choosing a gender and giving the character a name. My character is a 25 year old drug dealer. In order to get to know her, I did write up of what she looks like, her habits, her traits, her signature moves or accessories and anything worth noting. All of this information will come in handy when I work on the project for which she was created. In the mean time, we had to practice by placing the character in a situation where appearance and actions/thought contrast during class in 15 minutes.

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