Friday, April 8, 2011

Click Send

- What are you waiting for?  I am tired of seeing you walking around the house like a half dead lamb.
- Rhetorical question.
- So you say. Can we focus on what is important? Send the email.
- I can’t just do that.
- Why? How can I give you some sense? Do it already!
- I can’t. I need to reread it. It needs more editing. –Why don’t you leave me alone? I need to breath. Maybe I can perfect it later when you are not bothering me.
- You are scared! Ha! You confuse me. How many times have you tried and failed?
- Must you remind me?
- I haven’t finished. Now that you have the opportunity, why are you hesitating?
- I don’t know. Critique?
- From who?
- Me!
- I am pretty sure your opinion doesn’t count anymore.
- I know it’s not perfect. Not worthy.
- Did you not hear me? Your opinion doesn’t count anymore. But if you must, then start over. Do it again. But do it! – I think you smacked your head in the pavement in between sending the first email and receiving this one. - Can you focus here? We thought it was possible. So we tried. Now you can finish what you started and you choose this moment to have an existential crisis?
- I am not having an existential crisis! It’s called being realistic!
- Whatever helps you sleep at night, just send that email!
- Leave me alone!
- Click the damn send button already!
- Hold on. Let me reread one more time. I want to at least get an answer back even if it is a “thanks but no thanks”.
- Hahahahahaha. Who do you think you are kidding?
- It is better than no answer at all.
- It will be better than that. I would have clicked send already. It is done. That is the last and easiest part.
- For you.
- For you too. You know what is in the email. It doesn’t need to be reread yet again. Click send!
- I know, so what? I still need to make sure it works.
- That is not for you to judge.
- Says who?
- The other email! The one we got first! Click the fucking send button already!
- No!
- So you are not sending it?
- I am.
- When? Tomorrow? Next year?
- No. Today.
- Yes you are sending it today. Right now actually.


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  1. I like the conversation you have with yourself. :) Many of us go through the same thing. Although I've been told, some people have more than one "person," they have a whole committee!


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