Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Womb Emancipation Day

Today (PST) is, yet another, commemoration of the day I first saw the light of the day haha Too many things have changed and too many things have happened since... obviously!
I have had good years and others not so much, but the one that ended was a great one!
My sisters woke me up with a "Happy birthday" song that basically says "I don't care about your birthday or the party. I just came for the candy and the cake." It was hilarious!
My phone gave me the white screen of death twice today because it couldn't handle the overload of happy birthdays being sent my way in every which way they could be delivered through it.
I came home to too many gifts and too many cards. There was also a cake for which my mom bought a "?" candle. That is as cool as it is going to get! She also made a typical Mexican birthday meal: pozole, which was delicious!
Thank you so much to everyone who called, texted, emailed, bbm-ed, facebook messaged/commented, twitted, sent something and/or a card AND in advance to the cool kids who are visiting this weekend!
Below the most epic birthday card ever!!
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  1. whoever sent u that card has impeccable taste ;)

  2. beautiful card!

    come and check out my blog on:

  3. Oh so wonderful R!! Happy Belated Birthday my dear. I'm so sorry I've been absent from the blogs as of late. I needed a little break but now it feels so good to be back and reconnecting with my favorites. Less than one month to go until California. I hope the job hunt is going well.

    Meag xx


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