Thursday, March 24, 2011


Perhaps I should opt for a simple yet still everyday reminder of what the PHOENIX vividly represents for me. It could be its name written on my body in a small font somewhere visible though not difficult to hide. It could be even some artifact that I would wear as an accessory everyday. It needs to be something palpable, visible, material, real. Something other than just my thoughts.
If I had the courage, however, I would have its image tattooed on my body [as the picture below]. Yet, I will have to find comfort on admiring such art from afar. The courage I lack is not that which would allow me to withstand that pain of the process or that up until such artwork installed on my body would take to heal, but the courage to mark my body permanently. I want the tattoo. I want it badly. But some days I want it more than others and that is where the dilemma begins...

Image courtesy of Google search


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