Sunday, March 27, 2011

Moral Support

As of April 1st, I will be a vegetarian again though only for 4 months. My dear friend L decided to be vegan for the four months prior to her birthday. In response, our friend S and I will be vegetarians to provide moral support despite the fact that L doesn't need it. L is doing this as a personal challenge to take her will power a level further. S and I thought it was a good idea, so we joined. Plus, it is a great way to stay connected considering that we live far from each other.
If you kids want to join, you can do it too!
First, we must recognize how hard it is to keep the promises we make even when we conciously try not to break them. The challenge is to make a promise to ourselves to do or not to do something for a certain amount of time. It sounds easy, doesn't it? Well, not so much. When we fail to keep a promise made, we know people will know. In this case, we can "lie" to others and say we kept our promise. Oh, the infamous "nobody will know" whisper. The trick is how is that going to make us feel e.i. knowing that we didn't do it? Moreover, that we couldn't do it. Are you kids in? Keep in mind that the promise you make does not have to be as drastic as the promises we have made. It could be about anything!
Anyway, in preparation for this upcoming months of vegetarianism I am planning on eating tacos sometime between tomorrow and Thursday. I also ate a torta cubana today for the same reason! I know it doesn't look as yummy in the picture on the right, but it was delicious!!
I was trying to draft a list of things I will miss the most, but I figured I will just let it build itself as time goes by and I began to crave certain meals.


*Apologies for the crappy picture. It was taken with my phone, which btw has stopped functioning.

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  1. Hehe, so cool you're doing this. I find when the motivation is strong enough, so will the willpower be. I tried to be a vegeterian twice. Lasted about 5 days each time. One time I just forgot I don't eat meat. So I gave up for now ... although I think it is better to be one and admit I eat meat just beacuse I like it which is not really cool.



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