Friday, March 11, 2011

Just for good measure

The work here presented is solely that of the author who signs it and does not represent anybody else's opinions about the topics here exposed. As in any professional writing assignment, there might have, at times, been background research while at others imagination was the only nurture. In the occasions when there was any background research, it was not, rest assured, merely transcribed. Additionally, be aware that the author's imagination tends to take excursions that might lead into the supernatural and unreal from time to time. The clarification is offered with the aim that the reader may understand that the possibilities of the work here presented are limitless and the author is invested on taking advantage of it full spectrum. Thus, the nature of the work the author chooses to expose is not constrained by any specific guidelines, principles or experiences; it rather ventures into exploring territories the author herself might not be familiar with along with those already known whether superficially or otherwise.
The reader is invited to enjoy the work here presented as well as to let his/her imagination fly as the reading progresses. Furthermore, the reader is encouraged to provide constructive criticism.


p.s. The above is in regards to the possible writing excerpts and the like from my own work, which I will start posting.

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