Friday, March 11, 2011

If I Walk Past It

Grey grainy desolation as if abandoned ages ago, yet it withstands the merciless weather toughly. Its two legs could propel it to desert its destiny but they lack the ability to move. It stands still as if day and night were the same. But it sees the sun rise every morning. It feels the sunrise morning after morning.
It is a platform of expression. A revolution could be started by anyone who standing upon it were to deliver a powerful enough speech to trigger people to move so as to bring change. It is a memory holder for those who have spent joyous or especially sad moments near it. It does not let people forget. It is consolation for those who come across it after a long day and need a moment to literally breath life in. It is an office for those who desperately need it to be. For those who desperately want to concentrate on their studies, it can also provide the space for doing so. The perfect place for two friends to enjoy lunch while catching up on the lost times though it can also serve as the waiting room for said meeting. It is a symbol of two lovers whose gazes met upon it.
It has seen so much while missing so much more. It has heard so much and nothing at all at the same time. It is an observer of time and holds it secrets jealously while it hopes to one day find someone whom to share its knowledge with. Child of the past with an uncertain future, so it relies on the fact that it will leave a mark if one day it is not longer there to see the night fall upon its surroundings. If not upon the ground, its mark will be installed in the memories of those for whom it served as more than a bench. But for those who walk past it, it will always be a bench and cease to exist once it is not physically there.


*Assignment: Walk outside the classroom. Describe something -anything- that you observe.


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