Friday, March 18, 2011

Habit is Stronger than Love

Two people can, in fact, grow to be so fond of each other that they come dangerously close to crossing the line between love and habit. Some people, unfortunately, cross it.
Despite being married, the conversation the couple in the Quartier Latin has reveals that they have crossed that border between been in love with each other and growing accustomed to each other. They were so used to each other’s company that they were holding on by not finalizing the divorce even though they had separated already.
The sarcastic remarks during their conversation reveals that their relationship is entertainment for each other. They know each other well and maintain the ability to make each other laugh. It is as if they jealously hide the match that would light up their relationship again. They subconsciously jump back and forth between the threshold during their conversation at the French café. They are aware, however, that they have long ago crossed the line. They separated and now their divorce is eminent. They have found new love, which gives them the excitement they once found in each other.
The difference in the economic background of their upbringing is clearly perceived through as they speak about their future and how it intertwines with their past. The woman has a vibe of coming from a privileged household exemplified through her overly polite attitude, her choice of words, her clothing and even her walk and facial expressions. She has been taught to have a certain behavior since she was a child whereas her former partner appears to have come from a more limiting background. It is evident he changed that at an early age through hard work, however. He finds delight is the minor things in life and is proud of his origins. This background difference has perhaps played a major role in their separation. Yet, their choice of new objects of their affection does not quite match those backgrounds.
She seems to conform to the situation as a result of her early education. She could have continued to be married and even pose as the wife if only to maintain appearances. Thus, she is willing to do everything as her soon to be ex-husband wants. He, however, is happy with the new situation. He is content with how events in his life have led him to where he is. They, of course, still have a special place for each other though for her it is likely to be a special place in her hell to have him reside. For him, it is rather a place where they could have still be happy if only she had not decided otherwise. 
He does not hold a grudge, but she blames him.


*Assignment: After watching segments of Paris Je t'aime, we choose one and had to explain how and why is a good story. Also, attempt to discuss characters and plot twists as well as tone. I picked the Quartier Latin segment where a wealthy man meets with his soon to be former wife in a restaurant to discuss the terms of their amicable divorce.

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