Saturday, March 5, 2011

Guilt trips

I had two dinners to attend last night. I only made it to one.
I have double even triple booked myself in the past and always made it to everything with one exception when I ended up at a 5 year old birthday party instead of a bachelorette party for the due to a crucial mistake. [Ridiculous! It will NEVER happen again.]
Last night, I should have made it to both dinners. I had plenty of time, but distance did complicate the situation a bit. I was told about the second stop yesterday morning whereas the first stop had been planned for over a week now, so when it came to making a decision I had to prioritize. At first I was a bit disappointed because I really wanted to listen to the mariachi from the second stop, but that changed quickly -the disappointment not the wanting to listen to the mariachi.
I always do my best to make whatever I am invited to. In fact, unless there is a reason beyond my power, I do not flake even if I have to resort to making a small appearance. If there is such a reason that prevents me from making it somewhere altogether, I always apologize and even explain. I did so last night. But someone at the dinner I missed thought it was his duty to guilt trip me for not making an appearance. Though I admittedly still wished I had enjoyed the mariachi for selfish reasons, that is when the disappointment for not going melted away.
Guilt trips do not work, they are so 2005!


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