Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dead Nature

Stacked ammunition for an artist.

As many of you know already, I am taking a creative writing class. I need to learn a skill I am missing and which is key in writing (or any art for that matter): discipline. I had always thought creative writing classes were literally meant to teach people how to write (excuse the tautology). The reason I had refused for so long to take one is because I do not think that is a skill that can be taught. One can either write or not. End of discussion.
The class is completely the opposite of what I imagined those classes were and discovering that has been great! I am learning how to control my technique and develop my style. I am learning the possibilities of what I can actually do with that key ingredient I am missing, which by the way I am actually learning by doing (if that makes any sense). But most importantly, I am learning that every little scrible on a paper I make or little note I save on my phone or paragraph I write or even a story can always be revisted an improved or developed into something else whether a more complex version of itself or something completely different!
I love it!
With that said, I will try to post more of my own work in this platform. I intended it to be precisely to showcase what I love to do the most -writing-, but it has constantly taken detours into everything else about it. So now I hope I can get back on track!

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