Friday, March 25, 2011

Blindingly Lit

She opened her eyes and the light coming in through the window almost blinded her. It seemed a lot brighter than usual somehow. The window almost took over the wall completely and the curtains were thin precisely so the natural light did not have to struggle to enter the room at all hours of the day. Yet, she thought it strange that it should be so bright today.
She got up and opened the curtains. Her eyes were opened so wide, she blinked in attempt from preventing their escape. Her legs melted momentarily making her lose her balance, but she caught herself before falling.
It was there. She could not believe her eyes.
What if it took her too long to reach the door and it was gone, she thought as she was clothing herself. She even struggled a little to put on her boots.
She touched the doorknob and opened it slowly breathing in what her eyes had already shown her. She walked out trying to measure the thickness of the air. The sky was her favorite shade of blue without clouds standing on the way. She was free to walk outside, but she would do it slowly so as not to miss the sensation she had so long awaited for. Clouds had crashed on the ground while she slept. Only upon touching it did she admit that it was real.
It was snow.
She threw herself on the ground fully knowing her clothes would be wet before she had time to complete her snow angel. A childhood dream.
“Is that even possible?” she said out loud as if someone would reply.
I will make it possible, she thought as she felt her body cooling off quickly. She had come here for this experience. It had taken a couple of days for the snow to fall since her arrival, but it was finally here. It was bright and heavy. Cold. But not so much that her bare hands could still hold it.
She had been chasing this moment for years and could barely contain herself. Had she known the snow would fall that night, she would have stayed awake waiting as a child waits for Santa. She knew she would have to stand up and walk back inside soon, but before she did, she would capture the moment and taste the experience.
 She had that smirk on her face that could have rendered her a permanent resident at an asylum as a schizophrenic patient. Not even her mirror recognize her at such times.


*Assignment: Create a character and put said character in a place he or she has never been to before. Use concrete details to describe emotions and actions.


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