Monday, March 21, 2011

Better in my head

I had this amazing idea to use literary figures of speech on a different artistic outlet. It sounded fantastic when the voices inside my head presented the possibilities. As I began the first project, I seemed to have forgotten that sometimes my pencil does not translate my abstract ideas properly. The idea was basic as was the method for presenting it, yet it was to express a complex thought. It definitely could have been better exposed. I should have listen to the voices more carefully as to interpret their instructions accurately. I should have let them walk me through the process every line of the way. Perhaps that was the lesson to be learned. I must admit, however, that I did not believe I could make amends at the time, which is not to say that I believed there were not any amends to be made. It was final then, but maybe the time to rework the idea has come.

Ways to Hurt You


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  1. Your drawing reminds me of the scene in Selena when she dies and the rose is bleeding. Is the rose stabbed with it's own thorn? self inflicted pain?


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