Saturday, February 26, 2011

Total excitement!

Today, my aunt called my mom and told her it snowed in Hollister last night. I thought about how every year my grandparents are already in the States by this time and I spend this particular weekend in Hollister (because we celebrate my grandpa's birthday). In other words, I missed the snow because my grandparents decided to come a few weeks later this year.
But something magical happened a couple of hours ago. It hailed! Yes, it hailed in the Los Angeles suburbia (on the nearest side to the ocean). The ground was completely white as covered by the hail! If only it had been during the day, it would have been perfect! Nonetheless, I was beyond excited to see that! It had been over a decade since I had experienced such an event. When I lived it Mexico, it hailed quite often during raining season, which is in the summer and happens to be in the tropics (understand 75℉ winters, which people there consider freezing! haha).

A photograph I managed to snap after I realized that this was truly an event, but it had stopped hailing already.


p.s. It is pitch-black, but thanks to a trick NV taught me on my crappy camera it looks lit!

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  1. :P haha and who says nothing cool happens in hollister, ca haha


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