Sunday, January 16, 2011

Not Siberia

It has become evident that I am difficult to impresse despite the fact that I consider minimalism rather powerful. But I refuse to play with my expectations so as to avoid disappointment. I'd much rather be disappointed than a conformist. In another life, perhaps the city would have charmed me, but apparently not in this one. It is not a cosmopolitan city, yet it is not classic either. It is hardly breathtaking. It rests on what once was and relies on it. It is suspended in the in-between and I am afraid that is just not good enough. Provincial is a more appropriate description and that is definitely not what I was aiming for. Add to that the fact that everyone here is dressed as though this is Siberia, which I find thoroughly confusing as the weather is rather pleasant if not just hot. I find hard to believe that this is the second most important city of ZARA's birthplace!
The one appealing detail I did find is Gaudi's work. Of course, I was bound to. The effect the modernisme movement had in architecture is beyond words specially when it comes to his work. It is that such creations translate perfectly the core of the movement into something palpable: individualism, anti-traditionalism, and vitalism (which I barely found out was included). Decadence as part of the movement is simply irrelevant in this and other of its realms. Yet, somehow manages to complete the movement wonderfully. Despite such praise, however, I will dare say that without Gaudi the city would simply not be worth stopping by. But who am I to judge...
I will begin exploring its underground art movement (both plastic and literary) in an attempt to find the grandeur of a city that seems to have lost its charm piece by piece throughout history.



  1. oh, i'll be back for sure!
    keep up your awesome blogging!
    and come visit COSMICaroline and stay tuned for a new photographer and an upcoming giveaway!


  2. This is an interesting post. You're a great writer. Architecture is truly beautiful. I was thinking of studying it for a while...but changed my mind. The underground art movement should be interesting.


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