Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My money was shrinking $ --> € --> £

I went to London to visit my friend Menan. She did a great job showing me around while we caught up on the past few years of our lives. It turns out London was the Metropolis I was looking for! I loved it! The way the classic is juxtaposed to the modern was so breathtaking. I am pleased to admit that London completely tricked me with its beauty. I was not crazy about the drizzle that basically never stopped, but it was still the Europe I was looking for. I was particularly awe-struck by its very classic in a very modern world architecture. The classic has evolved to fit perfectly into the new era that surrounds it. It did not remain in the past when it was created. As I walked those streets that saw a golden era when the sun did not set in the British Empire, I could not avoid thinking how its greatness has also been its victimizer.
I need to figure out a way to live there, for a few years at least! First option: grad school.

Menan and I on the Queen's Walk by Tower Bridge

Big Ben and Parliment

London Bridge

Tower Bridge

The original Times Square: Picadilly Circus.

Harrod's. I NEED to win the lottery!

Outside of Hyde Park

Buckingham Palace. It is incredible to think that at some point this was the house to the most powerful people in the world.

London Taxi

Westminster Abbey Cathedral

Trafalgar Square. The birds were strangely nowhere to be found. The National Gallery in the background.

The British Museum

St. Paul's Cathedral


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  1. So wonderful, I LOVE London. Did you manage to visit any of the museums? I was obsessed with the National Portrait Gallery this summer and always have a blast at the TATE.


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