Saturday, January 22, 2011

More food

My friend Vi told me about the xurros amb xocolat, so I decided to try them for myself and went in search of a Xurreria. I even asked some locals about them and all they could tell me was that I would not be able to find them at a bakery. After much searching, I finally found one!

Literally, they are churros with hot chocolate except they are not. This hot chocolate is not meant to be a drink, it is really thick. So I just dipped the churros in it, which apparently is how it is done. Also, this is some sort of breakfast despite how sweet it is! It should just be a dessert.

I finally was given a choice between red wine or white wine, so I picked white since I had the bad experience with the red before. It turned out better than expected.

That is not blood! ha! I actually don't remember what kind of sauce that was, but it was really good. I also forgot to tell the waitress how I wanted the steak cooked, but either she guessed it correctly or their idea of well down is my idea of medium well.

This is supposed to be white chocolate cake. Yes, I was confused too.

I wanted to try Sangria in its homeland. Mistake! It is soooooooo strong that I did not even drink a glass and for some reason they brought like a whole liter to the table!

Seafood Paella. I expected more from such a famous plate.

I totally forgot what sauce this chicken had too, but was some sort of curry. It had a lot of spices!

I am sorry I forgot to take pictures of the salads and other appetizers.


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  1. GORGEOUS photos!! All this food reminds me of my time in Barcelona too. Some days I dream of sitting on Las Ramblas in the sun, drinking Sangria, and listening to music.


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