Sunday, January 2, 2011

Master Plan 2011 Edition

For 2011, I want...
  - Relatively smooth transition to my new life in a foreign land.
  - Not to completely empty my bank account so as to maintain a certain stability.
  - Somehow manage to see a whole continent as extensively as possible.
  - Apply to grad school (finally).
  - A job (see more below). 

- Difficult but definitely not impossible:
  - Land a job at a newspaper, magazine or a publishing house.  
  - Teach French to the voices inside my head.
  - Be thin! (Seriously, why is this so difficult?!).
  - Complete: Project Atelier, phase 1. Possibly phase 2.

-The golden dream (On the list until it is attained):
  - FIND an agent.
  - Become a PUBLISHED author.

- Superficial:
  - Be more social, yet remain cautious.

- Mundane, but extremely important:
  - Remain FABULOUS!



  1. good luck in 2011! have a great one :)


    The Flower Girl


  2. great plan! hope you made it and happy new year!:)))


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