Friday, January 28, 2011

Food in London

In London I had some really delicious food, but I failed to take a picture of all of my meals. So here is what I have.

YO! Sushi! Funny sort of name. haha This sushi bar was pretty cool! The food was pretty good too, but I feel I was having too much fun with the setting!

After dinner, dessert at Le Pain Quotidien. I had a red fruit organic herbal Infusion tea and a coconut and passion fruit cake both of which were delicious.

Breakfast at Ladurée inside Harrod's. I was told not to take pictures after I took the first one. So I only managed a picture of the macaroons after the menu. I felt like I was being closely watch.

Dinner at Café Rouge. So as dinner was starting, the lights were dimmed and a candle was brought to the table. Camembert au four as an appetizer. I have always liked cheese, but every now and then I discover how much better it can be! This was one of those very now and thens.

Simple: Stake and french fries.

Dessert at La Princi Bakery, which was a sort of restaurant. The Crostata di Fragola was beyond delicious! The strawberries were so fresh, it was ridiculous and the crust had the perfect consistency! May I add that this place had some crazy lightening that was aided by water!

Before dessert though, a quick stop at The Hummingbird Bakery for a cupcake! I did save it for breakfast the next day though. It was pretty good!



  1. These photos are DELICIOUS, and so is the food!!

  2. all looks so good! when judy and i went, we didn't dare eat anything fancy. tooo expensive! from your pics, i regret not splurging now.


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