Friday, January 14, 2011

First Meal

So there is this thing here called menú at restaurants, which is basically a three or four course meal for one price and it also includes a drink (water, wine, beer or soda). So for my first meal, I decided to ask a local where to go so that I would avoid a tourist restaurant. It turns out that it was a good decision because the food was delicious! Oh, and it was 10,50€.

The olive oil + the I don't know what other ingredients that sauce that came with the bread had was so good! It is definitely better than the bread and butter I am used to from the US.

Wine! Ha! It was not that good though. Also, it was the wrong kind of wine for the entrée. But I was not given a choice and I also didn't ask which was my mistake, of course. I just asked for wine to test whether the price will not change if I ordered wine as opposed to water or soda.

Mixed salad: Lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes. It has just enough dressing for it to have that extra kick in flavor and it was super tasty!

Oh, the chicken! First, as you can see, it was such a big piece. It looked like a whole small chicken, but it was only half-breast. It came over white rice and had a few chives on top along with an orange and pomegranate sauce. It was sooooo good!

Dessert: Catalan Cream. It was a sort of pudding. It was good, but not the crowning detail of the meal.


p.s. I can't wait to eat a paella and some tapas! :D


  1. great blog! food looks yummyyy

  2. only 10.50??!! it all looks so delicious! there's this spanish desert i saw on a travel show...kinda like a churro dipped in a thick hot chocolate. if you come across it, eat it for me please! i'm so jealous of you :)


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