Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dreams are expensive

I have come to the realization that dreams are so very expensive even though people claim that dreaming is free. Dreaming is a practice that everyone can engage in. Since imagination is all that dreaming requires, it is free indeed. In contrast, when one of those dreams installs itself so deep that it is not longer a dream but a conscious desire, it consumes our very strength so it can itself grow stronger. We find ourselves weak at night knowing that another day went by and we were unable to feed that dream something tangible to chew on. A dream cannot live on bread and water alone, figurativelly speaking. Yet, in the morning we find that we have regained the necessary strength to face another day during which we will have another chance to sucessfully feed that dream.
Dreams are expensive: financially, emotionally, and psychologically. Very expensive, indeed. The question is whether we are willing to invest in them and take the risk or, furthermore, simply pay the price that is clearly stamped on the pricetag?


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  1. i am going to print this out and put it on a wall. so very true.


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