Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It has been raining nonstop in LA for six days now. I have only had to suffered through about half of that though. Yet, I still wonder why does LA receive its prodigal child with such bad weather?! Yet, the non-stop raining that has been falling in LA for almost a week now has not done any damage as one day of rain did last year!
  • I have being home for the most part, but I am not allowed to be under my blankets. My mother is quite particular about this one.
  • Hot chocolate and soup are nowhere to be found in this household (for now), by which I mean cooked or ready to eat.
  • There is food! Too much food, in fact. I am sure you kids can see the issue here. I have not been eating real food for the past 5 months, so arriving to a house where there is real food and too much of it can definitely be a problem.
  • My mother has us sort of preparing the house for the possible family holiday visits. It is not fun at all!
Aside from that, I have been hanging out with my bff NV, who drove me to LA and VNB, who came to visit yesterday from the Central Valley and will be here for a few days. Understand: I won't be home despite the rain. Yay!
Last night, we met my old time friend BA for dinner and some drinks. I had not seen him in over a year. We have such a bad habit of doing that repeatedly, namely not hanging out in terribly long periods of time. Yet, when we do hang out or talk it is like we saw each other the day before. We somehow always manage to let each other know what we are up as we do keep in touch. It is just that we do not talk as often as you would think considering that we are really good friends. I am not sure how this works, but I do believe that is the definition of a good friendship, and this one has lasted for almost a decade and counting!
For dinner we went to Pollo Inka, delicious Peruvian food! One of my favorite things about eating here is the soup that you get before the meal. My friends from Peru say that it is rather simple to make, but I refuse to believe that. I think there is a sort of magical ingredient. I forgot to take a picture of it, but here is a picture of the lomo saltado I ate as the main course, which is also amazing! Oh, the green sauce I poured there, which I forgot the name of, is a "put as much as you want" sort of thing. Of course, I kept adding more throughout the meal!

VNB and I ready to eat!

I wonder if BA and I will ever managed to break the bad habit of seeing each other with ages in between...

After dinner, we went for some drinks for I don't have pictures of that. We went to Hermosa Beach, which was quite a surprise as I had never been there. The DJ at the bar was pretty good, which was a plus.


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