Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The sun was for pure sky decoration

So this past weekend S and I visited our friend L and her daughter in Seattle. In simple words: It was one of the best weekends I have had this past year!
We arrived mid-morning on Friday and we headed to the public library, which is an amazing building! Yes, I know we are such nerds, but we so enjoy it. Then, we had a picnic in Freeway Park, which is a park basically located on top of the freeway. Genius! L had made us her delicious spring rolls specially for the occasion. We later explored Pioneer Square and visited Water Fall Center. Unexpectedly, we had a photo shoot in turn of the century clothing that was so much fun. ( S I am sorry you burned your arm. I hope it is healing). We then headed to dinner and to Kerry Park, which surprised us with a gorgeous view of Seattle at night. It was freezing, in fact, it was the coldest it had been the whole day, but we managed! Then, we headed home and watched Vertigo (the original from 1958) to remember our beloved Bay Area.
On Saturday we were up bright and early, literally. First stop: the Space Needle! The views of the city and beyond were fabulous! I was mesmerized by the mountains that surround Seattle specially since they were all covered in snow. We then had lunch at the University district. Then, we were on to Gas Works Park, which also had a great view. Any small hill has a great view of the city since it is under sea level. Saturday morning was rather cold despite the bright sun, which seem to be only a decoration of the sky. After our photo shoot, we visited the Troll and explored a bit of the Fremont District before we spent some time with some people who turned into rock because the bus never picked them up! We also made sure to stop by Theo Chocolate factory to get our fix and then headed to Pike Market to visit the birthplace of my second home: Starbucks! Finally, we went to dinner and for some ice cream with our friend J, who happens to be attending UW Medicine a.k.a. the number one school of medicine! He also gave us a night tour of campus and showed us inside the Medicine Faculty, which is simply beyond ridic! It was time to go home and watch Sleepless in Seattle.
We left Sunday morning. But the weekend full of fun and adventure L prepared is definite fuel for the next couple of weeks! It was great to spend time with her, her daughter and S! I miss you girls already!

p.s. Before I forget, there is some great graffiti in the city!


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  1. Graffiti look great, I love finding surprises like this around the cities. I live in Bristol, UK, and my city has some of the best Banksy graffiti, they make me smile every time I walk past them.

  2. So pretty! And looks like you guys had a lot of fun :)


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