Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Remember When

We still believed? Oh, pixie dust and magic wands! Far away lands and magical creatures! Fine, I will stop! But before you start telling me that I am a little bit too old to believe in such things, let me clarify that I am not by any means referring to that kind of believing. Though if I must be honest, I still believe in all of the above and then some, so do not burst my bubble! (Ha!). 
Let us be serious now, focus! I am talking about be-liev-ing. Simple. Plain. Drastic. Convictive. Evident. Persuasive. Hell! Even coercive! My point is that you either believe or you don't. The question or the issue are sort of irrelevant. 
In more simple language: If it works, good. If it doesn't, it doesn't. In situations in which we are divided between believing or not, it is like my mother would say, "si pega bueno, y si no pues despegado estaba." [Translation: If it sticks, good. If it doesn't, well it wasn't glued to begin with, was it?] You see kids, if we believe, it is good; and, if we don't, well, we didn't already so it does not matter...

The sun was so bright,
                            it burned to think about it.
The moon was so blue,
                                   it was freezing to feel its shine.

Now, they are just a star that shines during the day and a giant collective amount of matter that reflects the light of the first one at night UNTIL proven otherwise... for both cases.

©Copyrighted 2010


  1. I think we could all do with some pixie dust and magic wands, and why not believe in it? :)

  2. oh yes some pixies dust pls - love your outfit x

  3. loving your outfit.. we are a big fan of black clothing... take a look and see =)

    Much love from the .sabo skirt. girls


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