Friday, December 17, 2010

Nostalgia (& other news)

It is completely unnecessary to make the statement, but it seems that I need to see it in writing to be able to even admit it to myself. As you kids have seen in the last few posts, I am feeling a bit (or a lot) of nostalgia for being in Mexico right now. I cannot deny that, as my grandmother would say, la tierra es madre [Meaning: the land that you come from is your first mother]. Plus, the fact that some of my friends keep telling me that all I need to do is agree to go and board the car, and they'll drive (the 3000+ mile round trip) -understand: free ride to the motherland- is not exactly having a positive impact in this nostalgia immersed recent days of mine. It doesn't usually happen this way; it tends to be more of a fleeing feeling. When I least expect it, the new year has started and that is that. This year, however, for some reason I am reminiscing about the good times a bit more than usual. I am totally blaming such eventuality on the fact that I will soon be even further away from the motherland. Ancient history, of course, but it is not until now that it has begun to hit me that I am leaving soon. Yet, it is not as if I am never going back and I made this choice so I have to roll with it. At the end of the day, it is going to be better for me to go on with the current plan than to go to Mexico for a few weeks. Mexico is always going to be there for whenever I want to go. But this choice of mine, well, let's just say that it is now or never...

Also on recent news, after spending five months in the golden coast a.k.a. Central Cali, I will return to the LA area tomorrow, specifically I will back in Cpt. I will be in a self-inflicted lock down for the weeks I spend there, however. I know you kids are thinking that the holiday season is not exactly the time to do such thing. So while I can admit that I might have picked the wrong time, I want to remind you that I need to find an apt and a job faster than for yesterday so lock down it is! [Note: I need to make my good-bye rounds somehow...]

Since we are on the topic, let's continue with the news. The imminent departure has been doing wonders in the creativity department. No, I have not finished writing any of the books I have been working on, but rest assured that I will. Though I have been writing, the interesting effect has been more centered in the visual arts. I cannot say it has been exponential, but it certainly has been significant. I cannot deny that it excites me to infinity and beyond to be creating again. Yet, I still have so much work to do before I can even think about setting up an exposition of sorts (or a real reading). For the time being, however, I am trying to work out the courage to actually post some of my REAL work here -visual or literary. So stay tuned because there might be surprises coming this way!


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p.s. I found this video on youtube with pictures from my little town and some songs (in Spanish) of the "I need to slit my wrists because I am not there, but hopefully I will soon so I won't cut just yet" type.


  1. This is a really interesting post. It's my first visit, and I didn't read any of your past posts, so I think that I'm a bit out of the loop. Are you a writer?
    Hope all as well, I didn't quite get those vibes from this entry, but still hoping.

  2. Yeah nostalgia is a bitch! ;-)But as I have lived a lot of times out of my country, I came to realize that it is not "real"; it is more an illusion of love and missing...
    I enjoy your writing a lot. Come on let us see the pics as well! ;-))


  3. You lucky girl, I wish I could depart for LA first thing tomorrow and escape this cold and snow. Can we please see some your art? Please? :)


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