Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

So here we go again with the nostalgic posts about the celebrations in my hometown, I promise I will be brief. As you might have figure out, I am still on the wrong side of the border so all I have are memories of the new year's eves I spent counting stars around a bonfire as a child with my family waiting for the fireworks so I could go to sleep. But not before I ate 12 grapes and cheered the new year welcome. Somehow I was never able to make twelve wishes and if I ever did, I never remembered them in the morning. Memories from my childhood new year's eves spent in my grandparents' patio when my cousins and I were geniuses at mischief there are plenty. Actually, that is not saying much as we were always tricking each other and the adults of the family one way or another on a regular basis.
As I grew older, the whole family was not around every year. So I slowly went from family filled new year's eves to stopping by for supper at my grandparents' house with my friends much like on christmas eve except I did not wait for midnight before I could depart with my friends. After having to many suppers, we head over to a previously selected house to continue our wait for the new year. Despite not being many, the few of these new year's eves have left a mark in my memory bank. Perhaps because they are more recent so they are clearer in my mind or perhaps because of the independence they implied, but spending new year's eve with my friends still around a bonfire as we did during our childhood but with spiked drinks waiting for the first sunrise of the new year are definitely some of the most memorable new year's eves I have spent!

Those were the good times, I cannot wait to experience again...


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p.s. Pictures from my hometown taken the last time I was there.


  1. happy new year from

  2. I love the photo of your hometown - what is the town? :)))
    Stop by my blog if you find the time - comments&followers much appreciated <3 Happy New Year! :))


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