Thursday, December 9, 2010

It has been a while

Today was disaster Thursday at work, which originally meant that every employee was allowed to wear jeans. Disaster Thursdays do not stand out anymore. They haven't for a while, in fact. All you kids know that nearly two months ago HR decided it was better to relax the dress code a.k.a. institute disaster days every day in an attempt to increase productivity. Ha! My eyes have since been suffering from a more acutely extreme pain and seem to beg me not to put them through to such nearly agonizing experience. So I feel obliged to comply with my eyes' desire not to suffer such pain: I try to look away, but when there are so many pi├▒atas parading around the office, looking away becomes a difficult task. They are everywhere! You would think by now my eyes would have learned that there is absolutely not any way to avoid the pain, but that they must simply endure it, and wait to be compensated. Well, they have not. They will not. They cannot.
It is time I provide you kids with examples of what my eyes have to suffer through in order for you to be able to grasp the kind of unbearable torture they experience on a daily basis. As much as I would like you to picture what I am about to describe so the understanding is more thorough, I want to warn you that if you do so, the power of your imagination might suffer some sort of damage, which might be, I am afraid, irreversible. So consider yourself warned and read at your own risk.
  • Exhibit A: White skinny pants splashed wildly with hot pink and orange paint as the print.
  • Exhibit B: Coral button up shirt that looks like a tent.
  • Exhibit C: Zebra print with Leopard colors shirt and coat... together!
  • Exhibit D: PVC baby blue suit.
  • Exhibit E: Dirty white wedged sneakers.
  • Exhibit F: Neon yellow pleather skirt.
  • Exhibit G: Military green camouflage t-shirt with a grey fur best. 
  • Exhibit H: Sandals with socks.
  • Exhibit I: Faux fur and snake skin lace up boots.
  • Exhibit J: High-waisted flared jeans with sparkles on the back pockets paired with a red long sleeve shirt and a faux fur brown coat AND an old school 70s cut spotted brown cow print. Yes, all that together with the above mentioned boots.
  • Exhibit K: Extremely ill fitting clothes are rather abundant, of course. 
Do you now understand why my eyes constantly hurt? Oh, these are only a few of the items that serve as tormenting tools; and, which might also be the cause for some of my brain cells to commit suicide. Aside from the fact that they are beyond bored at the lack of challenges, they cannot handle the pain that is triggered by what my eyes observe. Luckily, after tomorrow I will only have one more week of this torturous daily experience. I know I might have failed to inform you about it, but my last day of work will be next Friday. Time has gone by so quickly! I am sure my eyes will be rather thankful for what is coming! *evil laugh*


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  1. hahaha
    i have totally seen a lot of people were sandals with socks. That's the ghetto thing to do lol


  2. This blog very interesting, i like it dear)))


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