Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dear Santa

I have been a very good girl this year (but please do not try to corroborate this with my mother as she will more than likely provide you with a different version of my behavior in a sole attempt to prevent you from fulfilling my wish list). Thus, I would like to express my extreme desire for the following:
  • A pair of simple Christian Louboutin black pumps.
  • A Herm├Ęs black calfskin Birkin with gold hardware.
  • A classic Chanel wallet.
  • Tom Ford sunglasses.
  • A customized Rolex.
  • A few basic pieces from Balmain.
  • A Burberry trench coat.
  • A trip to Brazil.
I expect these will not be a problem for you are bound to have friends in all the important and necessary places in order to ensure that children around the world received their gifts and find happiness inside every box on Christmas morning.

Thank you,

Wouldn't it be nice if I received the above mentioned on Christmas morning? Oh, but let us now be realistic that dwelling in dreams does not necessarily pay off. One must step out of them, and do some work.

Dear Santa,
I must admit that this year I was not on my best possible behavior. I had a few shortcomings. I am aware that what is done is done and I cannot take any of that back. However, I did also engage in some acts that will definitely fall into the good behavior category. I know you are plenty busy this season, so I will not burden you with requests for the upcoming holidays. I will instead like for you to fulfill my list of three wishes as next year parades by. Yes, I know you are not a genie, but if they aren’t wishes, I would have to call them request and that does sound a bit demanding. With that said, here is what I want:
  • I want a job in a newspaper or a magazine. The fact that I want to be a writer is known, but wanting to make a living out of it is not something I had considered possible until very recently. So if you could please consider this as having a rather high degree of importance and urgency, I would definitely appreciate it.
  • I want to publish my first book and have my very first exposition. I would rather be published first, but I would not mind the order as long as the published book does not follow too long after the exposition.
  • I want to see the world. This is where my job as a writer comes in handy.

As I said above, I suspect these will not be a problem for you are bound to have friends in all the necessary places in order to ensure that children around the world receive their gifts and find their happiness inside every box on Christmas morning except I am allowing you a complete year to fulfill my list. If it is not too much to ask, however, I would like the job in January as I will be unemployed. The rest can certainly be spread throughout, but the sooner will definitely be better.

Thank you,

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  1. wow great post!!! Loved reading this :)


  2. i want everything on your list x

  3. How considerate of you. You're giving him a year to fulfill your wishes!! Jk jk
    Enjoyable post :)



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