Monday, December 27, 2010

Beautiful & Cruel

I was recently told that I am the embodiment of the following quote from Sandra Cisneros' The House on Mango Street, "In the movies there is always one with the red lips who is beautiful and cruel. She is the one who drives the men crazy and laughs them all away. Her power is her own. She will not give it away.
I have begun my own quiet war. Simple. Sure. I am one who leaves the table like a man, without putting back the chair or picking up the plate."

*stares in shock for a second then laughs evilly*

If being perceived this way is considered good or bad, it does not concern me. I take the statement made as a compliment. It is not that being perceived in such manner was a goal I strove to accomplish. It is rather that, though worded differently, this is the sort of thing I am told quite often; and, which I slowly did begin to take pride on. 
If I think about this particular quote as descriptive of me, too many things begin to make sense and I would rather not explore that area of my psyche. I do not want to intervene with its natural flow. So I am forced to recognize that if I give off this vibe, it is as an intrinsic part of my nature. I simply express my thoughts as they are. I do not sugar coat my words and I am certainly not disturbed with the effect they might have on those who listen to them.
The only certainty is that I definitely do not wish to entertain the desire of those who feel that I should dilute my personality to portray a much nicer version of me. This is the only version of me there is.


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  1. Haha, perhaps you really are the embodiment of that quote! But your lips look gorgeous here!

  2. just wanted to say, that red lipstick looks awesome on you! i've always wanted to try red lipstick, but it intimidates me! you're wearign it well!

  3. Well, I don't know if you're a good or a bad girl but you definitely look beautiful and that lipstick looks awesome on you, you know how I like to draw girls with red lips, I might have to draw you, this photo is perfect :)


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