Sunday, November 14, 2010

An unanimous decision is NOT a knock out

With over 40,000 tickets sold at the Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas, Many Pacquiao defeated Antonio Margarito by unanimous decision to earn the until last night vacant World Boxing Council junior middleweight title.
The fight started ugly: Margarito ignored the "glove touch" of their 8oz gloves Pacquiao offered. Here is why: Sure, Margarito has a history with the some illegal acts. Everyone remembers the illegal hand wraps in the fight against Sugar Shane Mosley from January 2009 for which he was suspended for a year. But why did Pacquiao feel entitled to request an ephedra test seconds before the fight started when he has refused a drug test that would open the doors to a fight that could net him 50 million dollars (from the fight alone, not counting PPV and the like) against Floyd Mayweather?
Antonio Margarito weight in at 165 pounds at the unofficial HBO weight in before the fight which put him at 17 pounds heavier than Pacquiao who weight in at 148 pounds. One must keep in mind, the contract was for the WBC-154 title. There were always a few pounds difference, but never as steep as right before the fight. Pacquiao decided against packing on the pounds when he was first made aware of the different in the weeks leading up to the fight to avoid losing speed. It was a good call. Yet, Pacquiao has gone up 8 different weight classes and never lost speed. Hell, he even gained speed at some. How does he do it? Oh, Mayweather has a theory. Margarito also had 4 1/2 in height over Pacquiao as well as a six-inch reach advantage both of which did not seem to affect the result of the fight.
Round 1 and Pacquiao was clearly winning. Round 4: Margarito had a cut under his eye of which Pacquiao definitely took advantage. Round 5: It was not just a cut, it was a later confirmed fractured orbital bone. Round 6: Margarito showed Pacquiao that hurt or not he can still hit. Pacquiao looked hurt. The bliss did not last. Round 7: a doctor examined Margarito's eye and advises it is fine. Margarito gave what he had on Round 8, but it seemed a bit too late. By Round 10 Margarito seemed to have lost his vision completely judging from his attempted punches, yet Pacquiao still couldn't put him down. Round 11: Margarito's corner danced around stopping the fight. Of course, Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach seemed to be sending them the subliminal message telepathically. Margarito still stood by the end of Round 12. Defeated. On his feet.
Margarito was not knocked out, not even technically! He fought until the end. Pacquiao has a well developed technique and undeniable speed. Last night's 120-108, 118-110, 119-109 unanimous decision at the Cowboy Stadium confirmed his status as an unstoppable boxing force. Yet, an unanimous decision is not a knock out!
The question remains: Why does Manny Pacquiao refuse to fight Floyd Mayweather? What is so difficult about taking an Olympic type drug test? What is Pacquiao afraid of? Mayweather is willing to take the same test!

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