Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Meet my sisters! Yes, the enthusiasm there could be misleading as it could wrongfully accentuate the belief that we are a very loving trio, which is not necessarily true. We actually fight most of the time. I suppose it is "our thing" (haha). There is not a day in which we do not have at least a small argument, yet there always seem to be a lot of laughs associated with our time together as well. That is the time at which we are not fighting and we are actually speaking to each other. There are many occasions in which we could be sharing a room or even be in the same car for hours, but we will not interchange a word or even look at each other. We are rather good at ignoring each other. I suppose it is normal for siblings to go through such phases. At our age, however, most people would agree that such times should be over as we should start acting like adults even though we are not necessarily at that stage in our lives yet. Newsflash! That will never happen due to our age difference. We will forever have random little fights about anything and everything. The only thing that will change is the amount of time we are mad at each other, which is not exactly long at this point in time already.
We are all so very different from each other. I like to think those differences are what glue us together. Yes, they are cause for many quarrels, but at the end of the day we would be such a monotonous trio if we shared the same interests to the point where we would do the same things all the time and our lives would be like a song on repeat forever. If we were more alike, perhaps we would have more fun when we are together as we would have more to share, but even then it would not be worth it. We would be able to stand each other longer perhaps, but that would not necessarily be good. We would fight for the same things instead of over certain issues or things that we view different –if that makes sense. Besides it is definitely amusing to switch it up every now and then! With that said, I also want to illuminate the fact that there are not any other times at which I laugh more than at those when I am joking with my sisters. I believe we have too many inside jokes or know too many of the same people both inevitable product of having grown up together that we somehow find a way to just laugh with each other about random memories and at sometimes inappropriate times. We could be watching movie, having coffee –which is actually the cause of an extreme hype in all three of us-, shopping, on a car ride, or even at church –at those times when my mother succeeds at making us go-, when the laughter just cannot be contained and the good times roll! My sisters are truly the reason I save so much money on entertainment, which was even more so when I lived at home.
After the above exposition, if I must be honest and though I can indeed love them from a distance, I do miss them sometimes...

These are my sisters from different parents. The five of us never actually fight, but we do have good times together. The funny thing is that my parents actually considered adopting them…


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  1. you guys look good cousin :)
    I miss all of you

  2. damm everything you put is true...
    and we do have great times!!
    and we look great too..

  3. Adorable and as honest as it can get!
    The three and then five of you look GORGEOUS!!!
    i miss you guys too...

    P.S: how the heck can you guys walk in those heels???!!



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